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Sebrenda Clifton invited to White House meeting

February 26, 2024

One February 26, 2024, CWA President Claude Cummings Jr. and CWA Local 3642 OBR Area Representative, Sebrenda Clifton, joined acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su and other senior members of the Biden Administration at a Black Labor Leaders Roundtable.  The meeting was designed to amplify the voices of black workers and labor leaders and share information about the benefits of union membership. 

Sebrenda was asked to talk about how

a union has affected her perspective on

being part of organized labor. She told 

the group, “First of all I'd like to thank

the pro-labor Biden administration for

making it easier to negotiate a collective

bargaining agreement. Through my

Local in Cary, NC, I have experienced

 firsthand, the power of collective 

bargaining, the protection of worker 

rights, and the tangible benefits that 

come with it." 

                                             Sebrenda was

                                             selected to parti-

                                             cipate in the

                                             meeting not only

                                             because of her in-

                                             volvement in CWA

as a Local E-board member but also be-

cause she is co-chairperson of the local's

Political and Legislative committee and

has been active in community and state

lobbying for workers' rights. She is also

a Trained Observer at American Airlines.

Sebrenda and President Cummings are shown in the center of the above photo and second from left in the group photo of the meetings' participants. 


Chat Positions Coming to RDU Res CK Support

March 7, 2024

Job Posting -- RDU Res ConciergeKey Support only -- CHAT 


 RDU CKS team currently has a posting up for those interested in joining this escalation department. We have extended the closing date to March 14, 2024, so if you are interested in enhancing your skills and working with American Airlines' best customers on a daily basis, please go to the RDU CAREER CORNER on Jetnet for more information and the current posting, fill out the Intra Office Job Opportunity Request Form and put your name on the ATAB transfer list.

ConciergeKey Support Desk | Jetnet (


For representatives who are already fully trained in ConciergeKey Support, it takes an extraordinary effort to keep our customers flying on American Airlines.  In order to continue providing them with the highest level of service, we are offering an exciting opportunity for some of our RDU ConciergeKey Support Travel Professionals to be trained on CHAT. Successful candidates will communicate with our high-value EP/CK customers, handling their inquiries via the CHAT platform. We are looking for both OBR and HBR Travel Professionals with no change to your current status. 


The hiring process may include a writing test and a look at current job performance.  Successful candidates will receive in-person training on CHAT sometime in April/May and will be given the opportunity to work some CHATS to get practice on the new functionality.   There will be no change to your current shift (except perhaps for training), and we will work with our local WorkForce team when we need to deploy people for CHAT.  


This is a great opportunity for positive and enthusiastic team members who want to expand their horizons and gain new experience, and those who are looking to advance their career will benefit by being able to update their resume with another skill-set and additional job responsibility.  If you are interested in this opportunity, please visit the RDU Careers Page in Jetnet and submit the link in the posting by Friday, March 22, 2024.  

2024 CKS Chat Volunteer Opportunity Posting.pdf (


If you have any questions, please see your CCM.

Inter-Office shift trade possibilities expanded by company

April 18, 2023

Extending & Expanding the Cross-Site Trades Test Last year, we introduced additional trade flexibility for TAR & RSD team members, enabling the ability for these representatives to trade with representatives on their respective desks from other domestic sites. Today, we’re happy to announce that we are extending this test through the end of the summer bid. As such, TAR representatives will continue to have the ability to trade with any TAR representative and RSD representatives will continue to have the ability to trade with any RSD representative throughout the system. We’ve also heard feedback that CKD & CKS team members desire additional trade flexibility, similar to the flexibility we provide TAR & RSD team members. Effective immediately, CKD representatives will be eligible to trade via Aspect with all other domestic CKD representatives through end of the summer bid. Along with this change, CKS representatives will be eligible to pick up CKD shifts from all other domestic CKD team members (RDU, INT, & DFW). As CKD representatives are not skilled to work CKS shifts in Aspect, there is no change to the restriction preventing CKS representatives from swapping off shifts to CKD reps (IE CKD cannot pick up CKS shifts). Additional FAQs about this change can be found below. We encourage team members to give this new flexibility a try and we hope the changes will be helpful to these team members moving forward.


How do I trade with a representative at another site?


Create the trade in Aspect following the same steps you do today. The only change is that you’ll now be able to select representatives located at other sites who you are eligible with which to trade. Need a refresher? Review RESV0605: Swapping in Aspect in Learning Hub.

Can I view representatives at other sites in the Schedule Trades Bulletin Board and/or can representatives at other sites view trades I post to the Schedule Trades Bulletin Board?


Yes, posts added to the Schedule Trades Bulletin Board by representatives at other sites will now be displayed in the list automatically. Keep in mind, all times are displayed in your local time zone.

How do time zones affect cross-site trades?


All times are displayed (trade previews, trade creation, bulletin board, etc.) in your local time zone. The only additional consideration to keep in mind is that when creating partial trades with representatives from other sites, you must create trades in your local time zone. For example, if you’re DFW-based and want to pick up three hours from an RDU-based rep starting at 0600 ET (0500 CT), you would need to create a trade starting at 0500 CT and ending at 0900 CT. The RDU-based representative will see the trade displayed in their local time when previewing and accepting it (0600-1000 ET).

Do the same policies apply to cross-site trades?


Yes, all current policies and procedures apply to cross-site trades as outlined in the CBA, including limits to one-way trades (swap-offs).


Can I trade with desks other than my primary desk (e.g., SLS or IAD) at other sites?


RSD & TAR: No, if you are an RSD rep, you may only trade with RSD reps at other sites. If you are a TAR rep, you may only trade with TAR reps at other sites. There are no changes to the desks you’re allowed to trade with at your local site. CKD & CKS: No, if you are a CKD rep, you may only trade with CKD reps at other sites. The only exception to this rule is for trades involving CKS reps. CKS reps may pick up shifts from CKD reps at any site and CKD reps at any site may swap off their shifts to CKS reps in RDU. There are no changes to the desks you’re allowed to trade with at your local site.

How do I communicate with representatives at other sites to find someone who wants to trade with me?


The Schedule Trades Bulletin Board is a great way to communicate to all eligible representatives that you have time you’d like to trade. Additional Questions? Please reach out to with any additional questions.

CWA Local 3642 Employee Appreciation Day
Bond Park Senior Center, Cary NC --- August 27, 2022

As you can see from the above photos we had a great turnout and time this past Saturday. We were able to see people we haven't in a while and enjoy great food and friends.


We appreciate everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to drop by and see us and to all the volunteers who made this day happen. We couldn't have done it without you and hard work. Also thanks for those that brought donations for our food pantry--we really filled some cabinets--and to those that took some great photos for us to post.


A shout-out goes to Todd Hux who slaved over a more than hot grill on this 90 plus degree day and to Tammy Hux and Raven Johnson for making some really good banana pudding and mac and cheese, respectively. Also a big "thank you" to Nancy McLemore's husband Eric, who fixed everything Deron broke and was a great help. We really do work with a great bunch of people who are truly our family. 

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